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Apostille Pros is not affiliated with the Secretary of State of California, any local or state government agency. We are however listed with the Secretary of State of California as a provider of services in matters dealing with apostilles and certifications. The office of the Secretary of State of California in Sacramento is the main office that issues California Apostilles & Authentications for documents to be used abroad. Here is a sample apostille certificate.
Some documents may need to be notarized, translated or prepared before it can be Apostille or Authenticated. At no cost, you can fax or email a copy of your documents for an Apostille Pro to review.

For Document Fax Review:
  Please attach a fax cover letter with a copy of your documents.
Fax to:
1(888) 270-7926.

For Document Email Review:
  Please make a copy of your documents and email to the following address: info@apostillepros.com.
Whether it’s to request a quote and/or questions related to your service needs, our team of professionals will be happy to answer your questions.
Apostille ProsSM also offers optional services such as:

Certified Translation
Mobile Notary Service
Expedited Pickup
Delivery of Your Documents
Expedited Document Retrieval

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